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2015 "Toolkit for Families" from the Yolo Family Strengthening Network

APRIL is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and to recognize this, the Yolo Family Strengthening Network is excited to share our 2015 Toolkit for Families!

This year's Child Abuse Prevention Month theme is the following:
Talk + Play = Connect
Time with Kids...It Adds Up!
The 2015 Toolkit for Families as well as information and resources on our website are designed to prevent child maltreatment (and several ACEs) by supporting the following protective factors known to strengthen families: knowledge of parenting and child development, social and emotional competence of children, and nurturing and attachment.

Toolkits are available for download on our website ( in English, Spanish and Russian. We encourage you to share the toolkits!

For more information about the Yolo Family Strengthening Network, please visit, or contact our Child Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator, Natalie Audage, at


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