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CCCAOE Conference Sept 30-Oct 2 info


It's the CA Community College Assoc for Occupation Education conference!

Keynote Speaker, Susan Jones of Creative Behavior Systems

The impact of ACEs on children can manifest in difficulties focusing, self-regulating, trusting others, and can lead to negative cognitive effects. One study found that a child with 4 or more ACEs was 32 times more likely to be labeled with a behavioral or cognitive problem than a child with no ACEs. CCCAOE is looking for ways to educate participants about ACEs and help them to meet clients’ needs with more effective and supportive practices. This important work can be improved by learning the systematic structures of trauma, behavior and attachment to increase successful implementation of new resilience building ideas and practices in our training, ACES, Behavior and Us!

Founder of Creative Behavior Systems, Keynote Speaker Susan Jones brings 20+ years of attachment-focused behavioral science, trauma-informed, and resilience-building expertise to organizations seeking support in improving relational trust. Susan is a longtime ACEs trainer, previous teacher and Behavior Analyst who has worked with leaders and teams in criminal justice, nonprofits, families, community organizations, schools and school districts. A public education veteran, Susan created, Collaborative, Achieving, Resilient Environments (CARE), a restorative teaching tool customized for any work environment. CARE improves our ability to better relationships by addressing a clearer understanding of behavior to create more positive, calm and systematically productive environments. Susan and her team of experts offer consulting for educators as well as organizations and families nationwide.

 Three additional workshops offered by Susan Jones of Creative Behavior Systems in this conference:

  1. Caring for Self in Crisis- A trauma informed approach in learning how to mindfully increase awareness of regulatory systems for integrating growth in neurological care for self first in order to be able to better connect and establish relational trust with others in the midst of environmental chaos.
  2. Restorative and Trauma Informed- Join us in integrating a trauma informed approach to restoring relational harm when harm has occurred between two or more participants as well as how to increase community wide sense of value and belonging by using restorative practices in any environment.
  3. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships- We have been told to establish relationships with our most challenging students, staff and/or families, but how do we do this? This workshop looks at attachment theory, historical trauma and current behavior allowing participants to have a better understanding of the β€˜What, Why and How?’ of a truly trauma informed environment.

Conference information and registration here:


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