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Community Meeting and Presentation Notes: Feb 24, 2016

(The community meeting notes, below, are also attached.)

Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency, Walker Room
137 N. Cottonwood St, Woodland, CA 95695


Welcome - Gail,
Julie - Mindfulness Moment,
Tracy – Introduction of all present. Cards for new members, sign in sheet.
History/Overview of YRN – started in probation with collaboration in community. Jane Stevens lives in our community and is founder of, organization to help build collaboration and share information. In Yolo started working with people from many groups, networking, working to implement resilience practices in our community. Showed Paper Tigers last fall and continue to make inroads, especially in educations, around TIC, toxic stress and resilience and ways to support.
Currently looking to reach out to community and find champions in multiple areas in our community. Continue to provide support and connections in fields we’ve reached out to and help.

Action Group updates

  • ACEs Website updates – Julie – showed how to join, blogs, how to control what you receive.
  • Community Outreach and Events – Tracy & Julie – event today, speaker bureau available to provide info to any groups to raise awareness and provide support. Also have a ACEs Poll Everywhere where folks can take the ACEs questionnaire to show groups scores.
  • Community Resources – Gail & Jessica – creating a community resilience resource directory. Self care, mental health, trauma responsive resources. Collected info and plan to create a web-base working with Yolo 2-1-1. Need what links are missing, how keep it up to date, how to disseminate
  • Trauma Informed Schools – Jessica & Susan – met twice to bring together people and see what’s been done, what is needed to implement TIP in schools
  • Trauma Informed Healthcare – Sarah & Anna – Health and behavioral health, ACEs perfect for integrating holist healthcare. Presented to CommuniCare providers, Dignity Health group in Woodland. Both groups very interested and looking for help with training and implementation. Regionally are working to bring Dr. Petterson to area, she has integrated ACEs into her practice in OR. Healthcare groups would like this to be community effort, bring different healthcare organizations together to implement community wide
  • Trauma Informed Justice System – Emily – Stepping Up nation wide effort around TIP and received grant for train-trainer about TIP. Have training in May 4-5, for trainer officers. Expect members from all LE agencies and organization and then for them to take to others in agencies.

3:45 – 4:30 Presentation: Susan Jones, ACEs Connection Group Manager, Education

  • Resilient Yolo: Techniques for Building Resilience in Ourselves and Those that We Care For. Susan Jones, Behavior Specialist, CEIS/MTSS Facilitator, San Juan Unified School District
  • See presentation on website, Local info -Keeping Kids in Schools and Out of Courts juvenile court program in our county. Restorative Practices working to get integrated with TIP in all of Yolo County. Neighborhood Court – panel process, try redirect to resources rather than jail. YCRC medication and community outreach and education around mediation. YRN Resource directory will have info on trauma informed yoga and mindfulness mediation for community. Community Voice around yoga and mindfulness practices that are being proposed for our community to ensure using best practices.

4:30-4:40 – Tracy - Call to Action - Introduce other groups

4:40 – 5:00 – Action group break-outs, Networking, and Socializing

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community outreach and events
  • Community Resources
  • HHS
  • Early Care and education
  • Community Voice
  • Business
  • Justice
  • Faith




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