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COVID-19: Free Online Self-Help Mental Health Resources


Hello All,

I avoided it for a long time, but I made a Facebook page for my counseling office (Clarity Counseling) to better send support and resources to my clients and the broader community during a time that is an impactful on people's mental health as it potentially is on their physical health! My office Facebook page will be posting resources and videos for coping with anxiety, panic, loneliness, sadness or depressive symptoms. We will also be doing some Facebook Live events (such as guided meditations and mindfulness work) and I'll be bringing in some guests!

Lastly, my office is also offering HIPAA-Compliant, Online Coronavirus Distress and Discussion Groups for people to learn skills and process their experience during this time (or cope with loneliness). For the groups, the cost will be $5-15 sliding scale, or free if people lost their job or cannot afford the fee (no questions asked).

I also have openings with my associate therapists on a sliding scale ($30-$95) for those looking for out-of-pocket options for individual counseling. 
Group or Individual Counseling Sign-Ups:


Let me know if you have questions!

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