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By Michelle Esrick, Cracked Up Movie, April 2020

— A letter from Director Michelle Esrick —

Dear friends,

My heart goes out to everyone during this extremely challenging and unprecedented time. We are all experiencing what a traumatic event this is for everyone around the world -- from the reports we all hear on the news, to stories from family and friends, and for me personally being hospitalized with Covid-19.

Many trauma survivors, including myself, are experiencing higher levels of stress responses including fight, flight, or freeze as we try to manage so much fear and uncertainty.

I continue to discover so much about myself, including new ways to self-regulate and calm my body down when I am feeling stressed. The isolation of social distancing and staying at home can certainly trigger our trauma. Never before have we understood the power and need for connection on such a visceral level.

During the making of Cracked Up, I learned that our brains are wired to be in sync...wired for connection…wired for relationships…wired for love. I send you all my love and support. Please be safe and lets continue to look out for each other. We are all in this together!

—Michelle Esrick, Director of Cracked Up

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