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Does Yolo County Need a Family Justice Center? []

Jean Jordan

Here's a write-up of one of the presentations at Sunday's child sex abuse conference in Davis, where Tracy Fauver and I did a presentation about ACEs and trauma-informed, resilience-building efforts in Yolo County. Thanks for sending this, Andrea! This is interesting, because I thought Yolo did have a family justice center. No?


On Sunday, the 21st annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference was held in the Veteran’s Memorial in Davis. The focus was on the Quincy Solution, best practices that dramatically reduce domestic violence crime and child abuse.



One of the speakers on Sunday was Jean Jordan, who was both a former Deputy District Attorney and a former Assistant Public Defender in Yolo County. As a representative of the California District Attorneys Association, Ms. Jordan was a chief proponent of a Family Justice Center in Yolo County.


Ms. Jordan, who no longer works in Yolo County, said that one of the key premises was that the “leadership has to be committed.” She said “If you look around the room, there are a lot of great people here today, but there’s a lot of people who should be here that aren’t here. It’s really about who isn’t here today than is here today. That’s the problem in Yolo County right now.”


Ms. Jordan argued that, without that commitment, we would not have success and “family justice centers are something that have shown a great deal of success.”


“We don’t have one here in Yolo County,” she said, despite claims that we do and efforts going back to 2009 to bring one here. “I served on that board and that task force for a significant amount of time, Yolo County like many other counties has been talking about a family justice center for a long time.”


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No we do not. Yolo County has something with that name but it has very
little to offer compared to the real thing.
I wish you could have stayed and heard about the other presentations.
Solano County has the real thing.

Thanks again for your presentation!
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