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EVENT: Cost of Darkness Documentary Preview on 5/30


Message from Sandy Holman, Director of The Culture C.O-.O.P,

Please join The Culture C.O-.O.P. virtually, this Saturday, May 30th, from 2-4pm to preview our Cost Of Darkness Documentary done in collaboration with UC Davis Students, nationally and internationally renowned experts, courageous community activists, families, and communities nefariously impacted by entrenched, “dark skin,” racism, supremacy ideology, systemic oppression, injustice and insidious inequity, and all through a  young adult lens. It is powerful what they have done, in collaboration with the Culture C.O-.O.P., equity partners and my over 35 years of experience doing this critical work. It is also foundational for creating a mindshare for real systemic change and strategic interventions which are more informed and impactful. Please see the attached flyers about the documentary and The Culture C.O-.O.P. To register, please visit:


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