FREE Computer Equipment available for local non-profit partners from Yolo County Housing!


Attached is a list of surplus computer equipment that YCH will be giving away to local non-profit partners.  If you are interested, please complete the form with your non-profit name and contact information in the space provided, plus note the number of each item you are requesting for your non-profit in the space to the right of the items.  Please do not request any more of the items that you believe you can use in your non-profit since we want to ensure this equipment is put to good use within the community right away.

In the event that any have more requests than the available number of that item, an allocation or lottery method will be used to distribute the items in an equitable manner.

Requests are due to Jim Gillette at YCH no later than 3:00 pm next Thursday (2/27/2020) via email to Once the equipment to be given to each non-profit has been determined, they will be notified and will have one week to come pick up their equipment before it is redistributed.


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