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FREE workshop: Calming the Tantrum- Five Love Languages of Children

Hosted by Life Compass Coaching & Counseling and Kristina Boswell, Registered Associate MFT

Date: Thursday, May 31
Time: 7:30pm - 8:15pm
Location: 105 E Street, Ste 2E
Davis, CA

Calming the tantrum- five love languages of children and how to incorporate them in your parenting.

Sometimes calming a tantrum starts with nurturing children in a way they can absorb as much love as possible. Therefore, when adversity strikes; at school, home, in the car, at the park etc. the list can be endless, but he or she may be primed to be reached with our affection.

Most people have heard of the Five love Languages for you and your romantic relationship partner however, fewer people have taken a look at the similar yet slightly different love languages for parenting their children. That’s right not just adults have ways to receive love our children do from us as well. Understanding a person’s love language is understanding how they need or feel your love, meeting that human need strengthens a relationship.

This workshop will identify your child’s love language (primary and secondary) and provide applicable strategies for each of the of the 5 love languages.

Those who want to discover their own love language and or their partners love language don’t fret, there will be a date night or adults only workshop to follow June 8th at 7:30pm.

Kristina Boswell, MS Registered Associate

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