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In Davis there is free yoga in the park on Saturday mornings (9-10:15) run through Yoga Moves Us . This last Saturday Dion Wiedenhoefer taught a wonderful trauma-informed yoga class. I love the Sat. classes - it is such a nice way to create a resilient healthy happy community!  I have run into many old friends, current yogi friends and met some new friends.  In talking with the organizers,  we are averaging about 60 people per class this year (up from last year's numbers).  The teachers and assistants who generously volunteer their time, come from the many yoga studios throughout the area so it is a great way to experience new teaching styles.  The setting is perfect, under the big oak trees in Community Park (just near the library for easy parking and bathrooms as needed).  I especially love the families that come out, with blankets and toys for the kiddos, giving parents the opportunity to do a little yoga while the kiddos run through yogis to the nearby playground.  

I was happy to get a chance to take Dion's trauma-informed or "introceptive" yoga which invited us to notice sensation in our bodies and .make decisions about how to move in and out of poses based on our experiences or feelings in the moment.    Dion completed the "Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga" training at the Trauma Center in Brookline MA (Van Der Kolk's Center). She offers on-going classes at Kaya Yoga Thursdays at noon.

Yoga Moves Us Mission: To build healthier, stronger communities by sharing yoga that is accessible to all and by supporting those who are dedicated to inspire others through yoga.   We make yoga accessible by providing free yoga classes in our community parks, which allows every individual an opportunity to practice in their community regardless of their ability to pay."

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Thank you, Gail ~ Yoga in the Park is a wonderful community offering and I was happy to lead the group of over 70 participants!  That particular class was an example of how an All Levels Vinyasa Flow class can be rooted in Trauma-Informed philosophies.  


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