Meeting notes - Sept. 24, 2015

Lisa Muller — Child welfare

Alison Book -- Child welfare

Karleen Jakowski -- CommuniCare

Julie Langston -- Bear Valley

Megan Overholt -- First Five

Tracy Fauver -- CASA

Sarah Roseen -- Woodland School District

Molly May — PTA Davis

Lucy Roberts — Family Huie 

Jessica Larsen -- Yolo County Education

Gail Kennedy -- ACEs Connection 

Ramy Husseini -- YC Maternal Child & Adolescent Health

Camilla Tucker -- Empower Yolo  


Paper Tigers screenings

Davis 190 reservations out of 500

Woodland 90 reservations out of 300


Julie provided an update of Davis and Woodland Paper Tigers screenings, and Sacramento screening/workshop, and other newsletters and listservs she's sending info to. It's been sent to all administrative staff in Davis and Woodland school districts.

Cache Creek continuation school principal is sending all of staff to Woodland screening and paying them to attend, as is King in Davis. Both would be good pilots for trauma-informed schools, and principals are interested in learning more.

Judge Basha can attend the Woodland screening, where he'll make a few remarks at the end, but won't be able to attend Davis, so Tracy will ask Judge Basha if he can get Judge Cortez to attend and make a few comments at Davis. 

Jane provided a description of Paper Tigers, and has sent out alert on Twitter through @acestoohigh about Davis and Woodland screenings, with the hashtag #PaperTigersYolo. She will do something similar for Instagram. 

Molly May, from Davis High PTA and who attended meeting for first time (welcome, Molly!) is looking for ideas for presentation for teens and stress. Gail will send her info. 


Gail provided an update of the trauma-informed schools training. 10 people being trained in SF by Dr. Martha Merchant. All have attended the first day. The second day is today and tomorrow. Two more days to go after that. Once all are trained, they'll train people in Yolo and Sacramento counties.

Sarah said that after the first day, already seeing results, as the Woodland High VP did something differently in interacting with a student, just a small change in adult behavior that created huge victory for student. She said the people from Cache Creek appreciated time spent on the adults -- the self-care piece. Being able to see that and look students and what adults could do differently, instead of expecting students to change all by themselves. 

Julie asked what else could be mentioned at the screening that's happening in Yolo County besides Paper Tigers and TI informed school training?

Karleen noted that restorative practices are being implemented in Woodland. Whitehead Elementary. 

Jessica mentioned that the Keep Kids in School and Out of Court is a way for Judge Basha to talk about TI practices and restorative practices. 

Lucy said that First Five had awarded a grant for Family Hui to include ACEs/trauma-informed/resilience-building practices in its parenting curriculum as a way of helping parents build their own resilience skills.

Gail noted that Meristem is committed to doing a follow-up training with the staff from Lincoln High. 


Spring conference

For our first foray into doing a conference, we decided that a Yolo County conference would be more manageable than a regional conference. We'll select a working group at the next meeting, Oct. 22, which is the Thursday after the Sacramento workshops. We'll have seen those, and figure out we want to emulate. Jessica noted that it was less about getting a lot of people there, and more about getting the right people there...people who are already working on parts of this (e.g., truancy, restorative practice) separately. 

As for funding, Karleen will explore the availability of PYJI funds, and Jane will look into funds from The California Endowment.


Assets mapping working group

Jane, Gail, and Tracy volunteered to examine the assets map and ID subsections in all the sectors, as well as ID people to contact in those sectors. Then they'll bring that info to the group to start matching presenters with people & organizations, and take the same approach as we did with the education community.  


We think that more people will want to join the Yolo effort, so we may do some reorganizing, and expand the steering committee to size of people here today, and do quarterly meetings for the larger group in different parts of the county -- West Sac, Woodland, Davis, Winters, Esparto. 







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