MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: CommuniCare Health Centers is accepting referrals!

Davis: (530) 758-2060
Woodland: (530) 405-2800
West Sacramento: (916) 403-2900
Navigation Center: (Davis) – (530) 204-9467
Substance use treatment: For screening and referral to substance use treatment, the 24/7 access line is still staffed and working. If clients present at an HHSA location they are being helped with calling the access line and referral for services. CommuniCare is also continuing to offer screening and referral via telephone/telehealth at the below numbers.
Substance use screening, triage, and assessment are offered at:
Salud Clinic (West Sacramento):  (916) 403-2970
Hansen Family Health Center (Woodland): (530) 405-2815
Navigation Center (Davis): (530) 204-9467

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