National Council Webinar: Organizational Approaches to Effective Trauma-Informed Services - Slides included!

I viewed this webinar a couple of weeks ago and found it quite useful.

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Scroll down to find Organizational Approaches to Effective Trauma-Informed Services


Cheryl Sharp, Senior Advisor for Trauma-Informed Services, National Council for Behavioral Health spoke on the needs for organizations to become trauma-informed and and shared details of what it means for an organization to become trauma informed.  I really liked the "7 domains of trauma informed organizations" framework that The National Council developed a few years ago.   Karen Johnson, Director, Trauma-Informed Services, National Council for Behavioral Health spoke about the needs and specific dynamics of addressing a trauma-informed perspective for Child and Family Serving organizations.  The information may be helpful for those of you that are wanting to move your organization towards becoming trauma informed or educating others about trauma-informed organizations. 


I encourage you to watch the hour long webinar.  I have contacted the National Council for the slides and will share if i get them.






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Thanks for posting this webinar- I just found time to listen to it this morning. It is extraordinarily helpful!

The more I learn about trauma informed care, it gives me a vocabulary for some of the observations I made when counseling children years ago, and again now that I am a CASA advocate and spend time learning about child welfare services.

The speakers make excellent points about how an understanding of both ACES and trauma informed care needs to impact how providers conceive of, and carry out, interventions. Without this understanding, it's no wonder it can be difficult to see behavioral change in the people we want to help and support. 

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