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No-Cost “Mind Matters Minutes” Builds Resilience in Youth


BERKELEY, CA (January 11, 2021) - Young people, especially in these times, can be stressed and anxious. Are you seeing this in the youth you serve? What about those youth who have experienced prior trauma or ACEs? Would building resilience skills help them?

The Dibble Institute is pleased to announce Mind Matters Minutes, a free, virtual self-regulation series, created especially for today’s youth.

Mind Matters Minutes provide teachers and youth workers with nine no-cost, short video practices from the acclaimed Mind Matters program. They are designed to be easily shared with young people either online or in-person. Each practice presents a skill to reduce reactivity and build resilience.

The content, taken from the Mind Matters toolkit, includes:

  •       Focused Breathing
  •       5-4-3-2-1
  •       Peripheral Vision
  •       Body Scan (full practice)
  •       Body Scan (short practice)
  •       Three Part Breath
  •       Emotion and Thought Breath
  •       Loving Kindness
  •       Wheel of Awareness

The videos run under 10 minutes, including a brief introduction and questions to prompt youth engagement.

Mind Matters Minutes are ready for you to use on the Mind Matters Minutes YouTube channel, reducing extra work!

Our hope is that you find this resource timely and useful to support the youth you serve.

If you would like to learn the Mind Matters content yourself, take a look at Mind Matters Now where you can, on your own schedule and pace, experience the Mind Matters lesson with develop Carolyn Curtis, Ph.D. CEUs are available.

Michele Wilson | Mind Matters Now Outreach Manager / Trainer (she/her)
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