November 19, 2015 Yolo Resilience meeting notes

Yolo Resilience Network Agenda

November 17, 2015
General meeting 4pm
First 5, Woodland

I. Introductions
II. Sub-committee updates
III. Schools – Jessica & Karleen
a. Meeting with reps from almost all Yolo School Districts. Checked in to see what they are doing, how they are implementing info from SF training. Look different at each site
i. Davis – Counselors to be trained by those who attended in SF.
Then person at each school to take ongoing to staff mtgs
Restorative Practices – teachers trained but need to help to understand that trauma informed schools are more than that.
ii. Woodland
1. CommuniCare – counselors at each school, expanding services
iii. Teachers – next step, they need training. Challenge how to find the time. Use SF to train trainers at each schools.
iiii. Need –
1. Person each site trained by trainer and modules at each staff meetings
2. Creative Outlets– tap into more kids. Bring these ideas to schools to add to resources to meet needs of more students. Have some of the resources for students to be identified for teachers.
3. Teachers at each school that naturally doing some TIC so perhaps we can find those to each school
4. Movement/paradyne shift needed to get it to teachers and find more of those that are willing to take this on
5. Address their own trauma.
6. Training for trainers & teachers – YRN should be part identified as resource, group getting this going.
v. Gail and Anna went to meeting went to San Diego ACEs mtg, Grant with money to work on program may be available.
vi. Plan – ongoing, Gail with get info on possible grant/state support

IIII. Health/Integrated Behavioral Health - Anna, Karleen, Tracy
a. San Diego meeting – policy work, different sectors in healthcare utilizing ACEs tools, operationalization still in process.
i. Yolo – Anna using Denver model – Doctor to Doctor and resources in place
ii. Public Health – ACEs questionnaire to start
iii. CommuniCare – want to start, plan pre-natal, want to know “what then”, know how to talk to families
iiii. Gail - One PCP in Davis started screening selectively, changed her practice. Caution b/c wants tool kit.
v. Plan – getting ready to roll out, then will likely take off. Continue get info out. Reach out to folks in region that are using (bay area) to come help in out area. MCAH sending out survey to all practices, can intro ACEs with survey. When come back to give survey results can add ACEs info, what’s going on, what can do next
V. Toolkit – Gail, Jessica, Julie – Resources around trauma and stress management
a. Intern working with Jessica – initial progress for parents and kids, Yolo specific:
i. Healthcare
ii. Stress mgmt.
iii. Parenting
iiii. Mindfulness
v. Individual therapy
vi. Group therapy
b. Plan – Look into - Where can we “house this” on a website v spring. Goal Feb to have info in
VI. Color Wheel – Tracy & Val
a. Able to leave after ACEs presentation,
b. Wheel from Paper Tigers movie
c. Plan – feedback, take to school districts, ask schools to print. Goal make available for teachers during their training
VII. Resourced/donations – Tracy
a. Get our name out there – get poster, etc to help us be local group more formally. Need to write about what we’re doing, place on website, newspapers. Look at other ways to get our info out there – talk about it at meetings, blog, facebook, tweet, etc. And link back to website.
b. Get common language, slides, message, etc. Have folks use these more.
c. Applied for grant but didn’t get, but it was only our 1st try. Looking for more opportunities, especially in Yolo county
VIII. Spring Event
a. Target audience and how to get them to the table
b. Tracy identified the Nneed this info out - ASAP, Kids and families out there “in pain’. Folks know their kids are traumatized, need help now. Need to help them, Wake people up. Even if it’s messy. Need to get it out and do something
c. Figure out how to get our target audience what they need.
d. Gail identified that need to bring forward a good message because we don’t want to have folks not look to us if we don’t provide good info.
IX. Thank you Karleen – She was our inspiration, she got services in our community going, door always open, major part of our team really going.
a. Karleen – Career changed a lot, leaving TIC legacy in Yolo and taking it to Sutter and Yuba county, where they really need, will have her work cut out for her. ACEs 101 planned. Continued partnerships and collaboration in the future
X. Plan: January 28, 2016, 4pm.
a. Possible have Empower Yolo present as merged Center for Families


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