October Community Mtg Notes

Yolo Resilience

I. Introductions

Lisa Young, Sarah Baum, Cyndi Hale, Haydee Dabritz, Jacalyn Washington-Ansley, Tracy, Ramy, Karleen , Julie, Regan, Val Crisp


II. Summit/Conference in Sacramento

Friday – Karleen’s report - Many attended Youth and Adolescent, lots good energy, broad scope panel, Youth Alive piloting a screening/intervention/triage trauma tool. Lots of exchange of information and networking. Identified need for resources to implement

Tracy’s Report –Infant and Early Childhood, physician from SF provided good neuroscience information and impact of stress and the possibility of repair (exercise may be one way). Engaged group. Many folks had good knowledge, multidisciplinary group. Racial issues, bringing ethnic groups into the fold indentified.

Afternoon session community connections panel, very powerful and diverse.

Saturday – well received, mainly on implementation level (limited information available).

PT movie on Friday night – about 400 attended. Well received.


Misc. Paper Tigers in Yolo – continue to be shown in smaller groups at varied education groups.


III. Yolo County Summit/Conference/Workshop - 2016

We have a lot of momentum so we need to have spring event, bring people together again and expand outreach.


Brain Storm ideas – Need to have event, put out a good product, easily can fill in a day, shorter day (9-3), networking, perhaps for 200 people, break out sessions


Funding? - Karleen – check CommuniCare possible $

          Julie – Check Sutter (Holly)

          Jane – ACES?

          Grants/sponsors ??

Location – YCOE – great location and facilities, (Lisa Young will check on cost). Woodland Community Center (Regan will check on cost) – do they have staff to cover AV etc, or we would need to hire someone to do that

Topic – Resilience, Wellness, network groups, Yolo HHS priorities - chronic disease, priority areas, elderly, homeless, etc.


Spring Event Subcommittee  – outline theme/goal, budget, date, location, target audience, narrow vs wide audience, etc. format. Possibly ask input from city and county level groups.

Julie, Lisa, Regan, Gail, - meet and report back at Nov meeting. After initial planning session send out ideas to group for input prior to next meeting.


III. Asset Map

What’s happening – unable to show map to group so hard to discuss.

Focus for Assets – continue education, Next - work health over spectrum of age, expand education to preschool and afterschool and working with those caring for clients (provide strategies for working with clients in trauma) – example color wheels one side (self awareness) and Yolo Resilience Network info/contact info on back or under.


Subcommittees – look at assets map in these focus areas, what’s next, resources, plan.  Projects identified also

          1. Education - Jessica

          2. Health – Anna, Karleen, Tracy

          3. Training/Tool kits for wide  – Julie,  Projects: Color Wheel – Val

          Caregivers – education, tools - Julie

          4. Resource/donations/fundraising  - Tracy

          Reach out to those who are signed up with ACEs Yolo Group for participation

          Blog – subcommittees try to post quality blogs monthly


IV. Sonoma County Committee workgroups structure – plan to work toward these types of committees as we reach out and synchronize with community groups and agencies. Maybe able to align with agencies to meet both groups goals


V. Misc.

What’s coming up –

          YCRC – Julie & Gail, Dec

          DJUSD & DKK – Julie, need training

          Public Defenders, invite DA and Conflict Counsel – Karleen & Jane, Dec

          YCOE – meeting with 10 that attended training, plan out next steps.

          Blogs on website – quality info, links to articles, etc


Next  meeting - Move to 11/19 @ 3pm at First 5

Subcommittee reports

Spring conference establish goals/objectives and plan

Color Wheel progress

Discuss format for ongoing open YRN meetings – goals, ideas to revamp meetings, consider subcommittee meeting before, guest speakers/presentations periodically.


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