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PARENTING RESOURCES: Webinar on nutrition, talking about wildfires, oral health, parenting videos

·         Webinar on Nutrition

o   1PM-2:30PM on October 2

o   Join CalWorks for an Art of Parenting Webinar…Food is a key component to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our children. Learn about healthy eating and ways to improve your diet and the diet of your child.

o   Webinar on Zoom:

o   For more information contact: Martha (530) 574-7921. Please share the attached flyer!


·         Parenting Now!: Ways to talk to kids about wildfires and other scary things


·         Maintaining Good Oral Health: Please see attached flyers in English and Spanish for more information


·         Videos in English and Spanish from Positive Parenting

o   Talking to Kids About Race Improves their Mental Health: Social scientists say that conversations about race and racial identity can help prevent negative mental health outcomes among children of color and can foster resilience. Clinical child psychologist, Erlanger Turner, PhD, studied 700 Black fifth graders to determine how perceived racism affected their well-being. The study found that children who experience racism were more likely to experience depressive symptoms. However, nurturing and involved parents may help to mitigate these negative effects. 

o   The Many Faces of the Modern Family: Around 114,000 same-sex couples are raising kids in the United States. Developmental psychologists at the University of Kentucky followed nearly 100 adoptive families with children from early to middle childhood. They found no differences in family functioning between same-sex parents and heterosexual parents of adopted children. There was also no difference in how family make-up influenced adopted children’s behavior or how the kids thought about adoption.

o   Rich vs. Poor: Kids Recognize Social Class Early

o   How Natural Disasters Affect Kids


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