Resilient Yolo Meeting Minutes - April 6, 2018

Resilient Yolo Network Meeting - April 6, 2018

Attendees:  Lucy Roberts, Bonnie Berman, Lori Chelius, Tracy Fauver, Debra Palmer, Allison Rodriquez, Julie Langston, Gail Kennedy


  • Origins Training + Consulting is starting the 2nd round of their online program
  • NorCal Strategies 2.0 Trauma Informed event is April 18th at the Library Gallery in Sacramento ACEs Connection will have a 1.5hrs breakout session in the afternoon to find out where folks are and where they are stuck.
  • On April 19th Mercedes Piedra is speaking at a lunchtime event (12-1pm) about Cultivating Respect & Safety.
  • Also on Thursday, April 19th is Kid’s Day at the Capitol from 10am-1pm. There will be hundreds of vendors
  • Lucy announced that she met with an Afgan community in San Diego who wants to start Family Hui. Also, Family Hui has rolled out their texting campaign this month.
  • Tracy announced Yolo CASA has 20 volunteers enrolled in spring training. This is high for spring and a positive reflection on the new Recruitment and Retention coordinator.  Tracy also shared materials in English, Spanish, and Russian from YCCA for Child Abuse Prevention month.   The materials are intended for parents and caregivers.


May 11th Summit

The summit to reach out to Yolo County selected leaders has been postponed.  Instead the approach will be to hold little cafes or brown bag lunches using Peter Block’s approach which is to look at possibilities not problems.  The plan is to target a cross sector of people so they can hear one another’s ideas.  The action plan is:

  1. List people who should be there
  2. Claim some dates
  3. Assign hosts
  4. invite people in

Perhaps do a pilot in Davis with about 8 people, but in choosing Davis we need to make efforts not to fragment our community and be sure to cross pollinate. 

  • Gail will get ideas on “Livingroom conversations” from Jane Stevens.
  • Lucy will type up a list of discussion points and ways of asking
  • Tracy will get the list of people who signed up to work on the 5/11 event to Lucy.


Resilient Davis & Resilient Reads

Debra held the inaugural meeting and some questions were raised about process. Is this a remote book club? Is it a book a month or one book a year, or a quarterly book read?

  • Lucy will send Debra the “How to start a book club” .doc from Colusa.

Tracy offered to host a gathering of Resilient Reads at her house (704 Valencia Ave) on April 24th to include discussion of The Book of Joy.  They can summarize the 1st couple of chapters and discuss using the questions in the back of the book while enjoying wine.

  • Bonnie will add this to the ACE’s Connection calendar.
  • Lucy will attend and re-introduce The Book of Joy and ways to tie into efforts by UCD who has also selected this book.

There was consensus that it would be good to stagger events so as to not overwhelm and create longevity.  A suggested event is a Coming Out event at a 2nd Friday Art About in downtown Davis (coordinated with Rob Davis) for the 2nd Tuesday in June or July to ask the community to submit art that conveys trauma.  The Coming Out could involve soliciting artwork from schools, art centers and galleries to cast a wider net.


Robert Wood Johnson Grant Proposal

YCRC is working on a grant proposal.  Looking for leadership for this proposal.  Some suggestions are: Kara HUnter (connecting YCRC with Yolo County office of Education and Resilient Yolo),  Garth Lewis would be ideal, Cass Silvia (a public guardian and she is well-connected) Darren Pytel, Ron Chapman (Chief Health Officer)

The idea is to apply now and designate a leader now and a year from now we can identify a more appropriate leader. The deadline is April 11th.



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