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RESOURCES for Providers: COVID-19 and the social safety net; Youth Thrive Survey


Policy Brief: COVID-19 Recession Highlights Need for Expansion of Social Safety Net

A new policy brief from the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research suggests that broad changes to our work-based social safety net could enable it to function more effectively in economic downturns. Key Facts:

  • The recession brought about by COVID-19 has hit low-income families especially hard.
  • Federal relief efforts have eased hardship, but there remains tremendous unmet need, and food insecurity is spiking.
  • With some of these provisions having expired at the end of July, unmet need is likely to increase until economic conditions improve.
  • A restructured safety net with automatic stabilizers could better allow for boosts during future downturns.

Youth Thrive Survey™ from the Center for the Study of Social Policy is now available in Spanish!

  • The Youth Thrive Survey™ is a valid and reliable youth self-report instrument that measures the presence, strength, and growth of the Youth Thrive Protective and Promotive Factors as proxy indicators of well-being. Designed with significant input from youth and young adults and taking less than 15 minutes to complete, the survey can be an effective tool for informing case planning and practice, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement (CQI) purposes. The Youth Thrive Survey provides an array of data reports that can be used to inform policy and practice decisions, and measure positive indicators of well-being for youth and young adults. To access the Spanish survey, click here. Visit for more information, and please contact Lisa Mishraky at for questions/concerns.


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