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RESOURCES FOR PROVIDERS on ACEs; the link between early childhood experiences and health

Research Paper: Trends in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the United States

  • This paper by David Finkelhor found that “overall, there appear to have been more historical and recent improvements in the burden of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) than deteriorations in the 20th and 21st centuries.”
  • Results: “Available trend data on ACEs from the 20th century show multi-decade declines in parental death, parental illness, sibling death, and poverty, but multi-decade increases in parental divorce, parental drug abuse and parental incarceration. More recent trend data on ACEs for the first fifteen to eighteen years of the 21st century show declines in parental illness, sibling death, exposure to domestic violence, childhood poverty, parental divorce, serious childhood illness, physical abuse, sexual abuse, physical and emotional bullying and exposure to community violence. Two 21st century ACE increases were for parental alcohol and drug abuse. Overall, there appear to have been more historical and recent improvements in ACEs than deteriorations. But the US still lags conspicuously behind other developed countries on many of these indicators.”


Making Connections: Early Childhood Experiences, Early Learning & Lifelong Health from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Hear the science straight from Center Director Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., along with presentations from experts on birth disparities and early childhood policies, in three brief presentations at the inaugural National Prenatal-to-3 Research to Policy Summit. Also features a panel discussion among the experts and examples of different approaches from state policymakers.

  • Connecting Early Childhood Development and Lifelong Health in a COVID-19 World
    View this "crash course" in 21st-century science and how it can help us understand the COVID-19 pandemic from Center Director Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., given during the "Protecting Our Children: COVID-19’s Impact on Early Childhood and ACEs" webinar, presented by the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation. Also features presentation and discussion with experts on community-driven ACEs initiatives and trauma-informed health care.

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