Steering Committee Notes - May 20, 2016

YRN Steering Committee

Noon – 1:30pm 5/20/16


Woodland, CA




Welcome - Mindfulness Moment

Introductions – see attendance list below

Teen & Baby Court Presentation – ####### Evans

  • Pilot project - community collaborator, Goal to prevent toxic stress for infants (0-12 months) by building relationships and teaching teen parents how to reach out for help. Then the positive relationship is passed along to their children to enable normal brain and development progress.
    Baby Court – 10 core concepts, ask to collaborate on this project.
    Request ACEs to help with training of community.

General Planning

  • Upcoming events –
    • Yoga in the park – Sat 9 am in Community Park, Davis
    • May 26, 2:30 – 3:30 UCD intro meeting.
    • 5/23 – Sutter L&D – Anna and Regan
    • 5/27 - WJUSD Tracy
    • Youth and Family Event 5/28 – possible booth, Anna & Emily
    • June – Community ACEs 101 Davis
    • July/Aug – ACEs 101 Woodland
    • Aug/Sep – ACEs 101
  • ACEs Regional meeting report – Gail, Julie, Regan, Lucy, Tracy, Jay
    • Confab of Northern California groups working on ACEs movement. Facilitated network and sharing. We are doing really well, have many people at the table and engage together.
    • Encouraged all to join ACEs California for info on what is going at state level.
  • Organizational updates
    • Review/update SC Organizational Plan - Updated to Group Manager, Julie, setting up SC meetings. Encouraged posting of events participated in, presentations, resources. Julie to develop a template to use to fill in info and if you don’t have time to post she can take the info and post.
    • Rather than quarterly community event we will provide town meeting through summer and then in fall look into presenting either Paper Tigers again or Resilience to the community. Need to investigate large vs smaller events. Julie will gather ideas and present in June and then we can form a group to work on event/s. Sarah Edson check on Mondavi venue
    • Funding opportunities – Grants, need to work through non-profit (CASA) to have some funds to do more outreach, materials, & support. Funders would support our movement. Tracy and Gail help write and submit grants but need help writing and working as group to divide – Operations group, but like help. Will meet and when identify grants that may be sector specific reach out to AG. Check with Sonoma about how they’re using their funding.

12:45-1:30 - Action Group updates, events, & Asset Mapping and Speakers Bureau

  • Community Outreach and Events – Julie, Tracy
    • Celebrate Davis
    • Welcome new members
    • Power point template slides for ACEs YRN use template slides, accessible on website in Resources – Presentations. Stress Wheel very popular.
    • Yolo Non-profit Leaders Alliance – Great success of Big Day of Giving. Resilience in our community and great relationships overcame the struggles of that day and incorporated ACEs 101 to group. Great outreach opportunity.
  • Community Resources – Gail, Jessica
    • Welltopia website from HHS State level groups and support. We are talking to person to make a pilot for county level version with our resources and tie into the Blue Dot.
  • Trauma Informed Schools – Jessica
    • Meet 4/28, WJUSD, WSUSD, DJUSD. Shared what his happening with TI schools. Many things happening – Ex. Extra “hidden” mentor, PBIS coaches to help teacher on sites, showing Paper Tigers. Trying use Woodland model because wrap around. Make it simple for schools – want positive interaction/relationships for schools and understand what relationships
    • Oct 11, YCOE – plan Resilient Yolo Summit – all groups in county that do thing around truancy, TIP, etc to work together. YRN co-sponsor planning 6/2 @9am
    • Stress Wheel listen to how common it’s being used. Give PTA, parents education programs within schools.
    • Ideas - Screening Resilience school districts or second Paper Tigers (part of fall YRN event). See what Empower Yolo is presenting and collaborate.
    • August – next meeting


  • Trauma Informed Healthcare – Anna, Sarah, Julie
    • Regional meeting proposal – work with Sac ACES to help develop TIC in our health care systems – Anna and Sara along with Rebecca Green will represent our county.
    • MCAH – survey, how to receive training – like on line or all day conferences.
    • Perinatal CommuniCare follow up training – June by Sara
    • Sutter Davis L&D 5/23 presentation will focus on the impact on health care provider
  • HHS – Ramy, Alison, Anna
    • Maternal Depression – collaborative year 2 for Resource Guide for moms. Developed with Help me Grow and Strengthening Families – Resilience guide is in draft form, used “mom’s words”. It is posted on our website, please provide feedback (Anna can you please provide link)
    • Blue Ribbon Commission, Teresa Smith
  • Early Care & Education – Regan
    • Family services
    • YCOE Head Starts ACEs 101 planned for families and workers this summer/fall.
  • Interfaith – Lucy
  • Justice System – Emily
    • Trauma Informed Criminal Justice trng, many cancelation, but still 20 attended. Mixed response, still resistance to TIP (but tried to share that it was safer and easier in their work). Not sure about next step about how receptive agencies will be to bring forward. There is online training for Case Managers and behavioral health and shelters may use this more. Self-care also addressed.
  • Community Voice – Lucy, Julie
    • Youth – Jay Cortez, upcoming camping event (bring Stress Wheels to share). Executive California Youth Connection. Legislative impact. Policy and Leadership conf what legislative direction.
    • Parents – Stress Wheels – hope to get them out a community events
    • Yoga – need to move forward with having “expert” come for teacher training of awareness about trauma sensitive yoga.
  • Business – Still emptyL


Regan Overholt, First 5
Julie Langston, YRN Group Manager, Sutter BEAR clinic
Theresa Smith, HHS, Mental Health
Emily Kochly, YC Public Defender
Tonya Jacobs, Public Defender, Social Worker
Bonnie Berman, CASA
Ramy Hussen, HHSA
Claudia Arevalo (for Celina Alverez), Empower Yolo
Jessica Larson, YCOE
Sara Gavin, CommuniCare
Alison Book, HHS – CWS
Gail Kennedy, ACEs Connection
Anna Sutton, HHSA
Tracy Fauver, CASA
J. Cortez III, CYC
Lucy Roberts, Family Hui
Sarah Edson, First 5

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