The Brain Architects Podcast: Toxic Stress: Protecting the Foundation (Episode 2) from Harvard Center on the Developing Child


Excessive or prolonged activation of stress response systems in early childhood can have damaging effects on learning, behavior, and health across the lifespan. Such toxic stress can occur when a child experiences strong, frequent, and/or prolonged adversity without adequate adult support. But that's not the whole story. With the right supports, toxic stress doesn't have to lead to bad outcomes.

The second episode of the Center's new podcast, The Brain Architects, explores what toxic stress is and what we can do about it. Learn what effects toxic stress can have on a child's body and development, how those effects can be prevented, and what it means to build resilience. Listen as a panel of experts speaks openly about how toxic stress can affect children and families, and digs into strategies to help children and families deal with stress.

Other materials from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child:

In this Spanish-translated video, learn more about what toxic stress is, how it can affect you, and what you can do—both by yourself and in connection with your community—to deal with what you’re experiencing. https://developingchild.harvar...oxico-y-resiliencia/

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