Third Annual Building a Resilient Yolo Conference, held Oct. 30th


My daughter and I  just returned from the 3rd Annual 'Building a Resilient Yolo Conference' held at the Yolo County Office of Education.  It was a powerful day packed with ACEs & resilience awareness,  information and personal stories from Yolo County, introduction of the Yolo County "Be the One" campaign (read about it here) presented by Yolo County youth (including my daughter!), and a powerful keynote from Tia Martinez from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights,  who spoke from a historical perspective about structural changes over the last 50 years leading to a school-to-prison pipeline disproportionately affecting youth of color.  A very thought provoking and rich presentation. 

It was wonderful to see so many sectors represented including education & early ed, health (shout out to the large contingent from Yolo County HHS!), social service, business, and young people from most if not all of the districts across the county!

We'll be posting slides from the day here shortly along with other resources that were distributed. 

My favorite part of the day was being there with my daughter and the other youth and hearing their perspectives throughout the day. There is talk about youth doing more "Be the One" presentations and the creation of a Resilient Yolo Youth movement!

Please add comments to this blog post about what you enjoyed from the conference or anything else you want to add. (And/Or add a blog post of your summary of the day).


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I left the Building a Resilient Yolo Summit yesterday feeling energized and motivated by the presentations and the commitment that so many made to come together as a community.

I was particularly moved by the inspirational Yolo Talks, in which individuals shared personal stories about the power of connection, and Tia Martinez's amazing presentation. Tia pointed out policy, system, organizational, and personal changes that are needed to alter the trajectory of the lives of so many youth. I look forward to our community working together on this issue. 

I encourage everyone to check out the Be the One campaign. We can make such a difference in the lives of others by connecting and supporting each other. Find out how to become part of this movement at 

Natalie Audage

Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator of Yolo County Children's Alliance

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