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Tip Sheet: Help Kids Identify and Report Child Abuse and Neglect

New Kid-Friendly Tip Sheet Now Available from Child Welfare Information Gateway

Many children and youth may not know what to do if they or a friend are
being abused or neglected. This new tip
sheet<> helps kids
recognize and respond to the signs of child abuse and neglect.

How You Can Help Someone Who Is Being Abused or
provides age-appropriate definitions of abuse and neglect, guidance for
children and youth if they suspect someone is being abused or neglected, and
answers to questions they may have, such as the following:

  *   Why do parents abuse or neglect their children?
  *   Will I get in trouble?
  *   What will happen after I tell someone?

You can help children and youth in your community by sharing this tip sheet:

  *   Provide it to teachers and school counselors to share with students
  *   Include it in your community and school newsletters and websites
  *   Share it on Facebook and encourage parents and volunteers you know to
share it with their children

Link to tip sheet:

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