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Videos from Positive Parenting in English and Spanish


·         COVID-19 Slump for Students

Past research finds that students in under-resourced communities often lose more skills during summer break than their well-off peers. Due to the pandemic, the interruption to traditional learning may result in significant losses in math and reading skills that experts are calling the “COVID slump.” While it is difficult to know exactly how much learning will be lost, new research suggests that some students will lose the equivalent of a full year’s worth of academic gains by the start of the next school year.

·         Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities  

Researchers interviewed parents of children with learning disabilities to better understand their online learning experiences. Parents reported that online education requires a significant time commitment and that parent-teacher communication is critical for success. Experts say parents should be proactive about reaching out to their child’s teachers and service providers, ask for help to put a remote education and therapy plan place in place, and set realistic daily goals. 

·         Are Old School Print Books Better Than E-Books?

·         Grocery Store Math and Reading Add Up!

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