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WEBINARS on evaluation, COVID-19, racism, and trauma

Inclusion Through Evaluation - A Strategies 2.0 Toolkit

10-11:30am on Tuesday, June 9 , 2020

This professional webinar will provide an overview of the new Inclusion Through Evaluation Toolkit that was developed by Strategies 2.0 as part of an integrated learning system for California. Many in the family strengthening field are responsible for data entry and analysis regardless of their professional background, training or roles. As a result of this knowledge gap, there is the risk that vulnerable populations are not captured in the analysis, biased reports are generated, and inequity cycle is perpetuated. To address these challenges, the webinar aims to improve data literacy throughout organizations by providing practical steps for both frontline practitioners and leadership.


California’s Budget & Legislative Landscape: Impact of a Pandemic on Child Wellbeing

1-2:30pm on Thursday, June 11

Presenters: Kelly Hardy, Senior Managing Director of Health & Research for Children Now

This interactive webinar will provide an overview of the current legislative and budget situation in California, with a focus on child wellbeing. The state has quickly moved from an expected budget surplus to a significant budget deficit, and legislators have been asked to severely limit the number of bills they are carrying and focus on COVID-19 response. In addition, federal relief funds are being made available, but only for certain issues and programs. Kelly Hardy will lead a discussion about what this means for our children, and what key initiatives are still on the table.


Fostering HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) during COVID-19

1:30pm-3pm on Tuesday, June 16

Presenters: Dr. Robert Sege & Dr. Dina Burstein, HOPE Project, Tufts Medical Center

Drs. Robert Sege and Dina Burstein from the HOPE Project at Tufts Medical Center will present research and data supporting the benefits and importance of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), background on the HOPE Project, and the relevance to ACEs screening and working with families during COVID-19. Participants will be given the opportunity to share stories of inspiration, concern and self-care, discuss how they relate to the four building blocks of HOPE, and implications for front line workers.


The Neurosequential Network Upcoming Office Hours (free, online learning experiences via Zoom)

A unique invitation to each session will be posted on the morning of each session.

11am-12 PT

  • Structural Racism in our Educational, Mental Health, Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Systems

Wednesday, June 10 with Habeebah Grimes

  • Mechanisms of transgenerational transmission of trauma: From Epigenetics to Education

Friday, June 12 with Bruce Perry & Diane Vines

  • Equity, Transgenerational Trauma & Racism

Monday, June 15 - Lea Denny and Stephen Bradley


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