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WEBINARS on self-soothing, economic stability to reduce child maltreatment, gun violence as an ACE

Mind Matters Lesson One: Self-Soothing
2pm on Wednesday, July 8

Self-soothing is a skill that is developed over time, through practice. The goal of self-soothing is to dial-down the reactive response of the body’s central nervous system. A traumatized person needs a means of reducing the automatic reactivity of their nervous system. Self-soothing will help. You will learn and practice four self-soothing skills that you can use personally as well as share with colleagues, clients, and students. *Over 3,000 people have viewed this class online. You will love it live! Presenters: Carolyn Curtis, Ph.D., author of Mind Matters, and Dixie Zittlow, Dibble Master Trainer

Promoting Economic Stability to Reduce Child Maltreatment: Evaluating a Policy Approach
10am on Tuesday, July 14

Presented by Ali Rowhani Rahbar, MD, PhD and Nicole Kovski, MS, of University of Washington.


Gun Violence as an Adverse Childhood Experience: Reflections from Research and Practice Perspectives
10am on Sept 15

Presented by Sonali Rajan, EdD, Danielle Kassow, PhD, Ginny Rauh, ScD, Columbia University and Trauma-Free NYC.

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