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WEBINARS related to resilience, racism, child abuse and neglect, self-care, and implementing programs

Building from previous videos, Andi Fetzner from Origins offered some concrete practices that you can do to build that resilience muscle and keep yourself in that resilience zone. Be sure to follow Origins on Facebook @OriginsTC and tune in at 4:00 PST 4/15/20 where we will wrap up this video series and talk about how all of these concepts can be translated into practice in both organizations and communities.


Embrace Race Webinar: What the COVID-19 Crisis Tells Us about Structural Racism on 4/16

5:30-6:30pm on April 16, 2020

Even as COVID-19 leaves its mark across the length and breadth of the United States, we know that some communities are being hit harder than others. The overrepresentation of Black and Brown people among COVID victims in New York City has received lots of attention because of the huge numbers involved, but the pattern repeats itself almost everywhere we have the data to document it. Join us for a conversation  about why Black and Latinx communities are suffering disproportionately, why this pattern of racialized vulnerability is so painfully familiar, and what we might do to disrupt it. Sign up, spread the word, and bring your questions and insights.


11am-12 PT on Friday, April 17

Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO Dr. Melissa Merrick will discuss the importance of supporting children and families socially and emotionally (albeit remotely) during this extraordinary Child Abuse Prevention Monthβ€”and throughout the yearβ€”and answer your questions via Facebook.


10am-11:30am on Wednesday, April 22

This 90-minute webinar from Strategies 2.0 is designed to support family strengthening workers in exploring methods to reduce compassion fatigue and burnout. Click here to register.


1-2pm on Wednesday, May 13

Mission West Virginia, Inc., a non-profit, has been providing services to youth and families across West Virginia for over 22 years. The THINK Program (Teaching Health Instead of Nagging Kids) has been providing teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationship education, and positive youth development for over 12 years, reaching over 100,000 middle- and high-school-aged youth. The THINK Program currently utilizes several Dibble programs to impact teen pregnancy. During this webinar, Jill Gwilt will discuss the THINK Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, which utilizes Love Notes EBP 2.1. Specifically, she will cover how they were able to scale up their large program in a rural area. Additionally, she will discuss how the curricula were chosen, how they developed long-standing partnerships, the importance of youth voices, creation of community groups, and more.

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