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Yolo Conflict Resolution Center (YCRC) services


All over the region, YCRC offers mediation and restorative justice conference services. Additionally we offer training on conflict resolution skills as well as trainings on how to be a mediator or RJ conference facilitator. We all must deal with conflict. It is a part of the human condition to encounter conflict, problems and challenges. If you, your family, your workplace etc., need help with a situation or want to build on your skills, consider one of the following YCRC program offerings:

  • Intro to Conflict Resolution Skills 
  • The Basics of Restorative Justice and How to Implement it Authentically
  • Mediation Certification
  • Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation 
  • Click here for our current workshop menu

If you are interested in any services or training, please send an email to  and indicate what your interests are! Please note that all trainings can be offered in an online format.

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