YRN Steering Committee Notes

YRN Steering CommitteeAGENDA

3:00 - 3:05 – Welcome - Mindfulness Moment,
3:05-3:30 – General Planning

  • Upcoming Events
    • Summer community events
      • Pan Event – send info with Resilient to his office (coordinate with Resilient Sac)
      • Oct 11, Resilience schools
      • Sac UCD campus TI (Trauma Informed) pending, plan to work with Resilient Sac on TI for UCD campus
        • CASA volunteer who is also RN in student health center
      • ACEs 101 awareness to public in community – library professional education (Regan connection – Patty). Come and meet Yolo Resilience Network and see what we’re doing. (during these events ask what needed)
        • Libraries in each city -
        • City Davis ACEs 101 – Chamber of Commerce, Mayor,
        • Tomatoes Woodland, Aug 13
        • Fair – handouts to Sherry
        • Winters Earthquake, Aug 26, and Farmers Markets
        • Esparto -
      • Organizational updates
        • Operations meeting updates
          • Weekly update to SC
          • Calendar for foster care program, empower yolo,
        • Weekly Updates
        • Fall event – Resilience and/or Paper Tigers. Need to work with Sac and Nadine Burke-Harris probable event in Oct through UCD
          • Screen Resilience and Paper Tigers, film festive. Poss at Mondavi big event. September partner with Res Sac, funding, partners (CASA, Foster Youth). Check with Sarah Edson again about Mondavi

Sherry contacts – Community Colleges,

3:30 – 4:30 Action Group updates & Discussions & Asset Mapping

  • Community Outreach and Events – see events
  • Community Resources – Met with Desiree, Welltopia, awaiting Yolo Welltopia.
  • Trauma Informed Schools – Submit 10/11. School outreach (school nurses)
  • Trauma Informed Healthcare
    • Regional Committee with Sacramento – need follow up Sacramento (Taryn & Wendi)
  • HHSA – Connect with Desiree for TI Care. TI Sexual Health curriculum to be presented Philadelphia City Match Conference. Has sent CDE & CDSS for use statewide. Currently being presented at few schools and juv. Hall. Working with PHN at training center at county (not sure status currently), CPS – foster care program, check with Alison. Would like a good speaker for joint presentation to Child Welfare and foster care parents (dynamic presenter). *****
    • Youth Behavioral Survey – ACES question can be in survey. Gail will send info to Ramy, from Rochester NY, for further surveys.
    • California Child Welfare Counsel – Can present to counsel with lots of committees and they could help get this info out and work toward legislature. (Maybe work with Sac group, examples from other states).
    • CYC – project. Kids voices. Get them involved and projects.
  • Early Care & Education – Early ed potential helpers. Help with Calif Children’s Alliance, Head Start, Roxanne working with Yoga in Pre-K, Kinder. Mindfulness/Yoga (perhaps with other workshops as part but not full workshop). Work with parents and caregivers on importance of self-regulation and awareness.
  • Interfaith
  • Justice System
  • Community Voice
    • Youth
    • Yoga
    • Parents
  • Business
  • Change name from SC, only have brief SC and then community input and brain-storming. Monthly Community Action meeting – SC and community info meeting combined to “YRN Community Meeting”. Operations group to help set agenda.
  • Next meeting - Date pending


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