YRN Steering Committee Notes Dec 10, 2015

Here are our steering committee notes for December 10, 2015.

They're also attached.

  1. Introductions & Announcement -
  1. Several new members / guest -
    1. Tara Thronson, Works with Don Saylor
    2. Sara Gavin, CommuniCare
  • Robb Davis - mayor pro-tem Davis
  1. 2. YRN website  - Gail
  • Reconfiguration of website, ongoing changes, not quite done.
    • Want to add - logo
  1. Groups change sunflower to logo
  2. Post - at bottom of  each post can can like and share on facebook / twitter / google. Can email to someone also
  • Easy to send an email from group page
  1. Facebook - should we make our own Facebook page that can link folks back to YRN website. It’s another way to reach out with social media
    • Don’t want parallel, make it so it’s only a little text on Facebook and then link back to the website
  1. In next few months continue to post through personal Facebook sites because it takes time for people to use new website.
  1. Plan - Anna will create Facebook
  2. Next is snapchat and instagram but we can wait on that for a bit
  1. Calendars - add events to your calendar now easy, be sure to indicate if planning to go to event
  2. Can adjust in your profile under notifications so you don’t get too many emails, can even stop all while on vacation.
  1. Workgroups
  • Operations  - Meetings - how do we keep people more involved and can easily communicate with those who want to get more involved - perhaps in subcommittees and our communication systems.
    • subcommittee - monthly
  1. steering - monthly
  2. general - only quarterly - updates and agenda that can be sector/group focus but each general meeting still focused on outreach and bringing people into the group. Perhaps ACEs 101 prior to each meeting for new members and train the trainers or sector resource person (champions in workplace/agency/clients). Support network
  • Robb Davis - Online courses, skill building, video of presentations,
  1. Has program with Fresno Pacific University is in the negotiation stages
  2. Modules with content experts
  3. ACEs/YRN could create modules through this group once it is established
  1. Need to “Ask” those in YRN to get involved, but need to give them something to do
  2. Eventually each Work group and Sector will eventually become more independent but Steering Committee can still be resource/backbone (Collective Impact Process) to maintain the connectedness, broader vision
  3. Tool kit of Resilience kids and parents resources in our county. Ashley, intern with Jessica now
  1. Welltopia state level website. Local Welltopia may be able to be a template for other counties. Make 2-1-1 like this, beyond just the basic needs which it has now. Or Help me Grow (0-5 and parents) Perhaps merge
  2. Need content expert and someone to maintain.
  3. Where to host, how to keep it up, perhaps ask healthcare agencies to make this or fund
  1. Plan - Gail and Anna - will check on making Welltopia, Yolo County and 2-1-1 to house or link. Get feedback. How to keep up to date? Tara Thronson with Don Saylor can be a contact.
  1. Community Event -
    • Plan 1 - Wrap around education and finding champions
  1. Spring Event - Partner with an event
  2. Wed night Farmer’s Market (wellness, resilience events with YRN/ACEs.
  • Resilience documentary when available will plan to bring to community
  1. Speakers that are practice based and have specific strategies for the group and that might have broader audience
  2. Paper Tigers - can show again in February. Small groups facilitated/guided conversations, networking. Have resources ready after showing.
  1. Reach out to Wes Sac, show Davis, check Woodland, YCOE
  1. Workshop with break out sessions with tools maybe in fall if when can get funds and sponsors. Perhaps as Woodland Sr Ctr.
  • Plan - work with other workgroup (Julie will email group to help prioritize these ideas) to have the resources. Workshop next fall or spring 2017. Discuss in Jan Steering meeting.
  1. Trauma Informed Schools -Susan Jones
    • Trauma informed coming to schools - not just admin and teachers, but all staff. Many schools in Sacramento, CSUS and Los Rios programs
  1. King HS, Davis - wants Trauma Informed School
  2. Trained from SF out going out
  • Consider taking on ACEs Education group too; we have tools, strategies, curriculum for each schools
  1. Subgroup - Lisa, Jessica, Susan and others (open up) meet in Jan. Also follow up with Skype with Martha
  1. Healthcare - not enough time to address what's happening
  1. Anna brought info - Yolo County Child Abuse Prevention group steering committee want ACEs/ YRN representative from our group there and district representatives from schools
  • Regan will go if schedule works
  1. Robb - homeless representative. In Davis will try to get integrated into Interfaith Homeless Shelter, info, assessment too.


Next     1/7/16 - Steering Committee meeting

          1/28/16 - Open meeting




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