YRN Steering Committee Notes February 11, 2016


Steering Committee Meeting

February 11, 2015

Location: HHS, 137 N. Cottonwood St, Woodland, CA 95695

  1. Mindfulness Moment
  2. Organizational Plan
  • Updated will be put on our website.
  • HHS new group -Plan  Ramy lead. Will try add  Allison Book (Sarah and Jessica - will reach out to her).
  • Justice - Plan Emily (Sarah has reached out and will help Emily become connected). Julie Burns interested (Sarah will follow up be part of Justice or Social Services Action groups)
  • Group manager - Pilot funding to pay group manager to keep website up to date, stories, etc. Personal stories, updates on subgroups, assets map - ask group to update on monthly basis, presentations on website calendar at community meetings, help folks use website and post. Yolo will be a model for others groups. Plan Julie will do for YRN,   5 hours/week. Group Manager and SC member meeting 5/10/16 Hopefully in Sac. 5-6 people can attend. All - Look at agenda and let Gail know any changes or additions.
  • Banner update - on website now. We like it. Plan Other counties or sites that want help can talk to Ramy & Gail
  • Next Community Meeting/Event – 2/24/16, 3-4:30pm, Susan Jones,

Resilient Yolo: Techniques for Building Resilience In Ourselves and Those We Care For Advertise. Plan - Cards for new members and sign in sheet.  Call to Action - 4:30 Action groups, networking and socializing.  

  1. Sub-groups/Spotlights/Committees updates – New name - Action Groups (AG)
  • All current groups to make short statement for website to describe the AC goals & plans
  • Community Outreach and Events – Tracy & Julie, community meeting, will update calendar on website for upcoming events/presentations. Created Excel spread sheet with all members that filled out cards at the Paper Tigers showings. Please look it over to see if there are people to reach out to for other AG. Wi
  • Community Resources – Gail & Jessica - Will have resource draft for meeting on 2/24
  • Trauma Informed Schools – Met once, Susan presented integration TIC and will send to put on website and next steps, identified some new personnel that are interested.     Plan ?
  • Trauma Informed Healthcare – Anna, Sarah, Julie - CommuniCare presentation 2/16/16 @ 12:30 @ all providers meeting - Sarah, Anna and Jane. Part of CommuniCare week on ACEs.Dignity Health 2/16/16 @ 12:00 - Tracy. Anna provide informaiton on screening for depression information and recommendation to Tracy and Sarah for presentations
  • Plan 1 - Try to get a champions in their staff. Using Nadine Burke-Harris toolkit for peds as template. Chat planned by phone for providers coming up so this is a resource for champions (Check with Jane). Will invite the CommuniCare (Sarah), UCDMC & Kaiser (Gail) and Dignity (Tracy) all to participate. Indian Health also request info (who is following up on this?). Plan 2 - Well Space also get available (Jane will see them in Las Vegas and can communicate with AG about how Well Space can participate). Plan 3 - Healthcare Subgroup meeting  by phone with Sacramento ACEs group healthcare champions (Julie to plan mtg). Coordinate to request Dr. Pettersen come and present and/or provide webinar about implimenting TIC for different kind of healthcare models. Webinar allows clinicians to view when they are able. Include resources for healthcare providers, teach providers what they can do, and teaching patients how to access services.
  1. In Development Action group
  • HHS group - Ramy
    • DPH had own group and training
    • Social Services - Allison
  • Early Care and Education - Regan
  • Justice -  Emily
  • Community Voice -
  • Business
  • Faith –


First 5 - New Executive Director - Gina Dalidin. Invite her to 2/24 mtg

Next meeting - 3/10/16 @ 3pm at First 5

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