YRN Yoga Group forming


Yoga Community, ACES and Resilience 

A small group from the Yolo yoga community met on Monday for a brief overview of ACEs and to discuss what is happening in our community around supporting a trauma-informed yoga community.

Yoga has a long history as an excellent way to reduce stress, develop strong mind-body connections, and a great self-care strategy. Yoga is gaining acceptance in our society and community, becoming a more mainstream form of exercise and meditation. Today people from all backgrounds walk into studios, some from a background of trauma, so helping the yoga community help these clients in a safe and caring setting is important.

To that end, the group will be reaching out to other instructors, studio owners and students to see what currently is happening, develop resources and champions within our community, and to establish on ongoing community voice action group to work toward a trauma-informed yoga community. The group will investigate current efforts and resources in trauma informed and trauma sensitive yoga to determine the best sources of credible information to draw upon to bring awareness of trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive practices to our community.

If you are interested in working with this group or have helpful resources or information please contact the Yolo Resilience Network (you can comment to this blog).


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