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The 2016-2017 Yolo County Education and Equity Summit Series Presents:THE IMPACT OF ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES Speaker: Daniel Ewon Choe, Ph.D. DATE: November 9, 2016 TIME: 3:00pm - 4:30pm PLACE: Yolo County Of ce of Education 1280 Santa Anita Court, Ste. 120, Woodland Please register by: November 2, 2016 GO HERE to register ( SEE ATTACHMENT FOR FULL INFORMATION

Program shows teachers how to see signs of childhood trauma []

When a child is acting out or not paying attention in school, it might not be because he or she is misbehaving. It might be because a parent was arrested the previous night. Teachers don't always know about the traumatic events a child experiences at home, but a new program being organized in Mercer County could give teachers notice when one of their students need to be handled with care. Andrea Darr, director of the West Virginia Center for Children's Justice spoke May 6 at Mercer County...

Resilient Mindful Learner Summer Institute - For Educators. June 26, 27, & 28

Resilient Mindful Learner Summer Institute July 26, 27, & 28, 2016 Fullerton Arboretum Enhance your well-being and mindful presence Discover how to teach stress management skills to your students Help students elicit an optimal state for learning This three-day institute for educators has two aims: first, to provide stress management and mindfulness training to educators to be healthy role models for students and second, to train participants in simple stress management and attention...

Alliance for Children's Rights will be hosting a webinar on Trauma Informed Education this Thursday, March 17th.

Guest speaker for this webinar is Dr. Catherine Deridder ! Dr. Deridder is a Child Abuse Pediatrician with the Violence Intervention Program at the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center. She is also Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the USC Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Deridder is an expert in the area of trauma and she will be sharing with us how trauma negatively affects children. ...

In MA schools, focus on social-emotional well-being

READING, MA — The only sound that could be heard in Maria Simon’s first-grade classroom one December morning was the soothing hum from a vibrating Tibetan singing bowl. Her students had gathered on a brightly colored rug at the back of the classroom, sitting with their eyes shut, their legs crossed, and their arms extended outward palms up. Each time a classmate struck the small bowl with a mallet — releasing a low sounding gong — the students breathed in. Then as the...

Could We Have a Revolution in the Lives of Teachers and Students?

Rebecca Pepper Sinkler- former editor of The New York Times Book Review and editor of SafeKidsStories shares the perspective of staff who attended a course given by the Institute for Family Professionals (IFP) , an organization based in Philadelphia that, since 2003, has provided training for professionals who work with children and families. Using recent research on brain theory and the effects of childhood trauma, IFP provides researched and proven best practices on topics such as...