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FREE bike repair and used bike sales in Woodland & Davis

The Bike Campaign is proud to announce the opening of it's second Bike Garage location - in Davis! We provide free bike repair and quality used bikes, along with new helmets/locks/lights and bike skills training. Gift certificates make the perfect gift from our Bike Friendly Community. Questions: 530-753-1125 WOODLAND location: 1st & Hays Street (by Douglas Middle School) DAVIS location: 1500 Cannery Ave (at the Cannery, East of the Barn) HOURS: Open Saturdays 9AM - Noon, Wednesdays 2PM-5PM

Begin Again: Live Online Yoga Class Series

However difficult the past, or slow the progress, you can always choose to begin again. Wednesdays 12:00-12:50 January 27 - March 17, 2021 Live Online Yoga Practice Sign up for the Eight Week Series or Single Classes By employing the contemplative movement practice of yoga through a trauma-sensitive lens, you will have the opportunity to observe your thoughts, feel your physical and emotional sensations and consider self-compassion as you invite yourself, from moment to moment, to begin...

PRESENTATIONS/WEBINARS on trauma-informed care, parenting, and ACEs

A Trauma-Informed Approach: Three Myths Busted 1pm on January 12 Amidst all of the trauma in the world, the time for a paradigm shift is now. Join Origins Training & Consulting for an overview of what a trauma-informed approach is (and what it isn’t!) and how you can apply these concepts in your setting. Whether you have just learned about ACEs, toxic stress, and the impact of trauma or have been using this approach for years, this one-hour interactive session will give you information...

FILM AND DISCUSSION: Whole People Film Discussion on 12/15

4pm on Tuesday, December 15 ACEs Connection, the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice (CTIPP), and the Relentless School Nurse will be hosting a Zoom discussion on Tuesday, Dec, 15th at 7p.m. EST about parts 1, 2, and 3 of Whole People . You can register here . If you have yet to watch the Whole People series, you can still do so by visiting the PBS website. There is no cost to watch. 101 | Childhood Trauma | 102 | Healing Communities | 103 | A New Response |

YOLO COUNTY LIBRARY UPDATE: December Kindness Month resources

December is Kindness Month! Attached is the Kindness Month image and PDF. Feel free to share the PDF and use the image, or direct people to the website www.yolocountylibrary. org or Overdrive (eBooks) site https://yolocounty. overdrive .com/, or point them directly to Kindness month at https://yolocountylibrary. org/wp-content/uploads/sites/ 71/2020/12/kindness_month_ calendar_bibwithlinks_2020.pdf . People can get an instant digital card using their cell phone number to sign in (if they...

WEBINARS on ACEs, Conversations at Zoom, homelessness, resilience, racism, adversity

Roadmap for Resilience: The California Surgeon General's Report on Adverse Childhood Experience, Toxic Stress, and Health on 12/10 Noon - 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 10 California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris set a bold vision to cut ACEs and toxic stress in half in one generation through a strategically deployed, coordinated public health initiative designed to raise awareness, reduce transmission of ACEs and strengthen our response networks. As part of this work, the Office...

WEBINARS on income inequality, children with disabilities, racism and equity, school services for children, school staff wellness

Income Inequality and Economic Opportunity in California on 12/8 11am-12 on Tuesday, December 8 The current recession threatens to deepen California’s economic divide. Low-income families, communities of color, and women have been hardest hit, and past recessions suggest their wages will take longer to recover. Can policymakers break the mold and pave the way for an equitable recovery? Sarah Bohn, vice president of research at Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), will present...

WEBINARS on burnout, race, supporting families, Family Resource Centers

Tools to Mitigate Work Stress and Prevent Burnout: For Health Care Providers during COVID and Beyond on 12/9 Noon-1pm on Wednesday, December 9 Whether you work in a hospital, a safety net clinic, or in another health care setting, no health care provider working during the COVID-19 pandemic needs to read the flurry of news stories that highlight the extreme stress experienced by people in this line of work – you already know it firsthand. This webinar from ACEs Connection and the Center for...

WEBINARS: Unite Us; Family Voices in Early Relational Health; ACEs & Maternal Health; Adult Education & Literacy; Early Childhood; Online Teaching; Fatherhood; Self-Soothing

Greater Sacramento Community Strategy Sessions - Free Online Referral Platform on 11/20, 12/4, 12/11 9 am on the following Fridays: 11/20, 12/4, 12/11 Sign up for an information session about Unite Us! We’re excited to chat more about the Greater Sacramento Community Network and how your organization can be supported by this community care network. All organizations that deliver health care and/or social services are invited to join the community network, and participation in the network is...

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