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Foster and Homeless Education collaborative meeting 4/12

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Our Foster and Homeless Education Services program hosts an open or closed monthly Foster and Homeless Education Services Collaborative. The purpose of the collaborative is to increase collaboration and communication while providing relevant information to support youth experiencing homelessness and youth in foster care. Our goal is to share community resources, provide updates, facilitate training, and create a space for professional development.

During the open meetings, we welcome everyone to share space with us including, but not limited to, professional, community members, caregivers, and educators. For our April 12th meeting from 9-11, we have contracted with a presenter from the Sacramento LGBT Community with the topic being "LGBTQ+ Cultural Humility".  We would love for you to share the flyer as well as the agenda for the meeting on April 12th. In addition to the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, CommuniCare Health Centers will be presenting on LGBTQ+ Yolo County Services and Inclusivity.

I appreciate your collaboration and support in serving our youth. Please remember that this is an open collaborative, and we would appreciate you inviting or forwarding this email to all you work with including caregivers, CASAs, youth, young adults, and providers.

Best Mariah

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