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The Impact of ACEs on Black Maternal Health


The Impact of ACEs on Black Maternal Health

The California Black Health Network (CBHN) is hosting an ACES Aware Provider Engagement event for healthcare providers, health professionals, and community service providers on the impact of ACES on Black maternal health. This event is designed to help healthcare professionals recognize that toxic stress and the cumulative experience of racism and sexism can trigger a chain of biological processes, known as weathering, that undermine African American women’s physical and mental health, especially during pregnancy. The long-term physical and psychological can take a toll on individuals and the impact of toxic stress and racism puts African American women at higher risk for a range of medical conditions that threaten their lives and their infants’.

Who should attend:       Professionals providing reproductive and perinatal care

What to expect:           An interactive medical education experience

Why participate:            Understand how:  - Toxic stress and trauma impacts maternal health

                                                                             - To implement ACES and resiliency screening into clinical perinatal care

Register now at:   

Featured Speakers:       Dr. Tessa Stecker – Program Director, Kaiser Northern California                                                                                    Community Medicine Fellowships

                                            Dr. Tanisha Silas- Young – Kaiser Vacaville Women’s Health Chief,                                                                              NSA Kaiser Women’s Health ACE’s Physician Campion

                                            Dr. Melissa Clarke – Clinical Transformation Physician Consultant                                                                                 3M Health Information Systems (HIS)

For more information, contact CBHN at 866-761-4165 or

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