Understanding and Connecting Community Priorities with State Priorities

Participate in-person at Sierra 2 Center, Garden Room in Sacramento or online

Building upon the last Learning Community, the March session will review how participants utilized Tool 1 of the Building Community Resilience Toolkit and provide training on Tool 2, “Understanding Community Priorities”.
The session will end with an interactive discussion from Monique Ramos, Senior Associate of California Strategies, on the upcoming opportunities in the new year and new administration.
Targeted outcomes for the day include:

  1. Review and understand Tool 1, “Organizational Perceptions of the Community Environment”.
  2. Learn and Practice Tool 2, “Understanding Community Priorities”.

Learn about and discuss the changing landscape at the state level and how it will impact community priorities.

Please contact Capital Learning Community Facilitator, Lindsey Nitta, to receive more information about how you can become more involved with the Learning Community.
Phone: 916-862-1781
Email: capitallcf@strategiesca.org

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