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Women Drumming Away the Trauma of Rwanda’s Genocide (

For Marta, joining Rwanda’s first female drumming troupe, Ingoma Nshya — a co-operative of formed 10 years after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi — has helped her cope with the trauma of losing her husband in the killings. Ingoma Nshya means a new drum or new kingdom. Marta’s remarkable recovery is captured in Sweet Dreams, an inspiring award-winning documentary about playwright and director Odile “Kiki” Katese, who brought together women from both sides of the genocide, first in 2005 to...

Welcome to Come Alive Zambia!

Welcome to the 'Come Alive Zambia' community. Donna Jackson Nakazawa once said “We have the capacity, within ourselves, to create better health" This site and all the resources available, is aimed at helping us improve our health no matter what our past looks like; Learn resilience practices that reduce stress hormones in our bodies & brains; Understand how pain, shame & trauma make self-healing harder; Explore research & resources; Share stories, struggles & successes.

How Bibliotherapy Can Help Students Open Up About Their Mental Health (

Mental health concerns, like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, can affect a student’s ability to concentrate, form friendships and thrive in the classroom. Educators and school counselors often provide Social and Emotional Learning programs (SEL) in order to help these students, as well as school-based therapeutic support groups. However, even in these forums, getting teenagers to speak about their problems can be challenging, especially when they feel like outsiders...

Talking ACEs

It’s two plus weeks since Oprah talked developmental trauma on 60 Minutes and introduced the world to the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and ACE Quiz o n national television. I’m still flying high and committed to 30 days of posts about developmental trauma from ACEs. However, it is time for some digital diversity and the brilliant and varied voices of ACEs experts. These talks are all available online, for free, and can be understood whether one has a Ph.D. or PTSD – or both.

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