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ACEs Changemakers Matching Grant Campaign
Portrait of Jane Stevens

Message from Jane Stevens

Publisher & Founder, ACEs Connection

We have a matching grant!

We have extraordinary news! A very generous funder has given us a matching grant for $50,000!! So, if we can raise $50,000 from the ACEs Connection community, as well as from those who believe in ACEs science, this wonderful funder will match any contribution that comes through our donation button up to $50,000.

How will we use this money?


Your donation helps continue the mission of ACEs Connection to prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), heal trauma, and build resilience. We are the human and digital catalyst that unites people, organizations, systems and communities worldwide. We connect and support the work of 48,000 dedicated members and over 300 communities that have ACEs initiatives.


ACEs Connection supports local ACEs initiatives in neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and nations. We provide initiatives with a free community site on ACEs Connection, guidelines on how to launch and grow local ACEs initiatives, and powerful online tools that help initiatives measure their progress.


We also have interest-based communities, such as ACEs in Education and Parenting with ACEs. Our Community Managers’ site helps managers of more than 300 geographic-based communities share ideas about how best to leverage their community’s ideas, successes and challenges by using ACEs science to solve our most intractable problems.


For established initiatives, we offer access to more advanced tools, guidelines and services in the ACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities. All of you know that we’re in this for the long haul. As those of you who have been involved in spreading the word about ACEs science and in integrating practices and policies based on ACEs science, the transition to healing-centered cultures is not a three- or four-year endeavor. Depending on the community, it’s at least a 20-year transition, and more likely, a 30- to 40-year transition. Our Cooperative will enable us to go the distance and to support other ACEs initiatives.

Thank you for being involved in this amazing community, and being a part of the solution that builds a healing-centered society for us all.

If you have a question about ACEs Connection or this fund drive, please contact Carey Sipp at

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