The Speakers & Trainers Bureau


The Speakers & Trainers Bureau is a service that provides to subscribers a list of vetted different speakers and trainers for hire. The list contains information on how far the person is able to travel for speaking engagements, their credentials, experience, sector specialties, and contact information.

The development of the Speakers & Trainers Bureau was in response to a great need expressed by our communities. ACEs Connection is asked all the time to help locate speakers and trainers in a geographic area. This bureau will help us keep track of resources available and enable communities to easily search for speakers and trainers themselves with this interactive tool.

People who would like to join the Speakers &  Trainers Bureau can apply by filling out a google form. ACEs Connection staff will then vet the speaker. The vetting process requires applicants to the Speakers & Trainers Bureau to agree that they will always cover the five parts of ACEs Science:

The five parts of ACEs Science include:

  1. The original ACEs study and research on child adversity and resilience

  2. How ACEs impact brain development – neurodevelopment or brain science

  3. How ACEs impact lifelong health – physiological or body science

  4. How ACEs impact generations, including historical trauma – epigenetic science

  5. How trauma-informed & resilience-building practices help heal ACEs – neurobiological science

Speakers and trainers must also be members of and be known to our staff. We require these standards be met to honor the trust that our communities place on ACEs Connection to vett the safety of recommended resources we post on

There are three tiers for speakers who are approved to be included in the Speakers & Trainers Bureau. The cost structure for each tier is:

$200 for 3 months

$350 for 6 months

$700 for 1 year

After a speaker or trainer has been vetted by ACEs Connection, they will receive an approval email, a contract and a link with instructions on how to complete payment through our secure PayPal account.

Once we receive the completed contract and payment the listing will be included on the bureau page during the first week of the following calendar month. Contracts run from the first week of the month to the first week of the end of the contract period. For example, a three- month contract would run from the first week of March until the first week of June.