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Reply to "ASK: need materials for sharing ACEs etc with youth ages 16-24"

Wendie Skala posted:

You might want to touch base with Carolyn Curtis and learn about her program "Mind Matters". Great for this age group. She can be reached through Resilient Sac.

Wendie Skala

Alison Diaz (Guest) posted:

Seeking recommendations for materials to share with youth ages 16-24 who are in a job skills learning program. Open access - links, pdfs, etc would be ideal.

Specifically looking for materials that convey self-regulation in a visually engaging, graphic format. 

And, any other ideas or suggestions!

Good for you that you want to reach youth in a job skills program! Self regulation is so important!

Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience is the program that Wendie mentioned and Carolyn wrote for this age group because it can help you guide your young people towards healing.

It is meant to be taught by a paraprofessional in a classroom or other group setting with young people who have experienced early trauma. Its 12 lessons are engaging as well as comprehensive in scope.

You can download free sample activities from the link above, or send me an email at for a free online 30 day review copy. (The Dibble Institute publishes Mind Matters.)

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