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Reply to "Book Idea"

Hi Charles,
What a great idea! I am so glad you have found your way to ACEs Connection! We are a diverse group of folks, many with personal and professional interests in ACEs, and some are even motivated (like yourself) to take meaningful action.

Please know there is a space here for you as a survivor, writer, curious observer - or whatever role feels right. Please keep us updated on the progress of your book!  

If you have not done so already, please consider checking out the communities on our ACEs Connection platform. There are literally hundreds! I hope that you will find one or more that feels right for you. 

*Everyone can see the communities - but to interact, post, ask questions, etc., you need to "join" that community.

AC Communities

Wishing you all the best! Thanks for sharing your dreamy idea with us! By sharing your ideas, you may spark another person to follow their dream as well! 


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