Reply to "Documentaries on Trauma"

Hi Rennik and welcome to ACEs Connection! 

In addition to the previously mentioned films, here are a few more examples of documentaries that focus on trauma (in one way or another). 

KPJR Films produced a movie called Paper Tigers which is now available for viewing on Amazon Prime at no cost.  I love, love this movie! For many reasons, including that the students brought hand-held video cameras with them - at home and in the community - which provided a deeper understanding of the circumstances (traumas) that were barriers to their education.

A brave woman in Sonoma County was featured in a movie called Invisible Bars highlighting the impact of parental incarceration on children.  She is wonderful, and both her and her father are available to be panelist and she has the rights to the DVD - so this can be a good way to raise awareness of a aspect of incarceration that isn't often acknowledged. 

There are many other examples, such as Broken Places etc. Of course we are co-hosting a virtual viewing of Cracked Up (open only to ACEs Connection members) that (if you are interested) will include a Twitter Chat with the featured person.

I am vaguely aware of a Bay Area (CA) group that helps women of color, and LGBTQ women make "shorts" that bring awareness to their lives. If this is of interest, I will see if I can reach out to someone I know who has made film(s). 

Thank you again for joining AC and for bringing your gift and lens to raising awareness and deepening understanding of trauma to a wider audience! 

I look forward to your future participation! You are doing this perfectly - we (at AC) love, LOVE when a dialog can happen in our open, safe space. 

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