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Brad A. Palmertree posted:

Greetings from Nashville! 

For those who have taken a systems change approach (infusing the ACEs and trauma research into institutional policies & practices), what tools have you used? I'm specifically looking for resources that would help those who work in juvenile justice and correctional systems. 

I'm familiar with the myriad organizational assessments. I'm on the hunt for specific program or curriculum model(s) that help staff at all levels incorporate the ACEs/trauma/brain science research into their respective practice. In other words, I don't need a curriculum to deliver info on ACEs and their impact; rather, I need resources on how these professionals can take the info they've already learned and put it into action to create holistic systems change.

Does such a thing exist? 

So far, I've looked at Working for Kids as well as the Trust Based Relational Intervention. Any other ideas from the ACEsConnection hive? 

Thanks so much! 

- Brad

Hey Brad,

Here at the Johnson City Police Department, I've been partnering with the ETSU Psychology Department to create a system of care in NE TN (we have a group page in Aces Connection) and here's a blog telling about our work.

We partnered with SAMHSA's National Center for Trauma Informed Care (NCTIC) and been using their course, "SAMHSA's Trauma-Informed Approach: Key Assumptions and Principles" and in 18 months we've trained over 1,400 professionals across a wide sector of disciplines.  This course covers ACE's and brain development but then has two modules on how an agency can implement this understanding into their programming. It's really like a self-inventory you lead them through and they decide as an organization what changes to make. Also it has a module called SAMHSA's 10 Domains which offers practical help for an organization for sustaining a trauma-informed environment for years to come.  If you'd like more information you can email me at