The Healing Place Podcast Guest Request

I am reaching out in search of possible guests for my spring lineup on The Healing Place Podcast. If you are interested in joining me on-air or know of someone who might fit my search criteria, please reach out to me via this post, my email, or text/call.

I am honored to have had such amazing souls join me on The Healing Place Podcast over these past two years. My goal for this podcast is to offer a platform for others to shine their light. I love the idea of offering a space for healing and hope. My format is a laid back "conversation between friends" approach. I have attached sample questions I usually review with guests, but am totally flexible to cover whatever questions you would like to address. 

My most recent soul-conversation was with Lucia Giovannini (also known as the Italian Louise Hay), international and transformational speaker and best-selling author, about her mission and living her soul purpose. What an honor to offer a space to beautiful hearts, such as Lucia, to shine the light of hope.
I record from my home writing space (my sacred space) in lieu of my work office and am sometimes accompanied by my therapy dog, Sammie. She's the sweetest labradoodle ever and loves working with kiddos to help them reduce their anxiety (she's recently started her new job at an elementary school one day a week). I am totally flexible to recording times as I own my own businesses: day, evening, or even weekends work for me. I am in Cincinnati, OH in the United States so EST time zone. 
Also, I have been recording video via the Zoom app and posting podcast episodes on YouTube, as well as audio-only versions on iTunes, Blubrry, and directly on my website at You can access the audio and video versions on my website if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Or go to my newly created Teri Wellbrock YouTube channel.
Here are testimonials from ACEs Connection members (you can view all testimonials on my podcast page on my website):
Teri Wellbrock has the gift of bringing out the best in people. She's funny and empathic, knowing just when to ask a question, and when to leave space for a story that's hard to tell. It was an honor and a joy being on her podcast, and it's connected me to many new friends and colleagues among her following. Thank you! Anna Runkle 
Teri Wellbrock is an amazing talk show host who is insightful, dynamic and engaging. She has extraordinary  listening abilities that truly makes you feel heard. She has a warm, inviting aura about her that is both calming and relaxing. She is passionate about her work and is a true humanitarian! I truly enjoyed every minute of our conversation. Thanks Teri! Julie Brand
Talking to Teri is like talking to a good friend.  She asks the really curious questions and demonstrates genuine interest in your responses.  Her passion to see trauma-informed change comes through with the diverse voices she has featured in her podcast series.  Her skill, vision, and passion are a much needed gift to the movement.  I am grateful for her! Emily Read Daniels
I felt richly connected to Teri during our conversation, like reconnecting with a dear friend over a cup of coffee. It took maybe 3 seconds to feel the connection that comes from the shared experience of a passion for this movement! Teri has that gift of welcoming and inclusion! Teri Barila

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share tonight.  You are an incredible host! You have a heart of gold! So blessed to know you! Cortney Edmondson

Wow! This is awesome~I love it and you are so talented!  I think you have found your calling. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Teri interviews individuals who are willing to share their story and their purpose in an effort to connect people and bring healing to the planet.  I am a firm believer of story telling as a way to connect.  While it may be "uncomfortable" it is necessary if we want to learn about each other and gain perspective on how the  world continues to evolve.  Each one of us has a story and our experiences inform the way we interact in the world.  By understanding our own story and the story of others we can have more compassion for ourselves and others. That is a dream come true!  How about you? Jessie Graham

Thanks again Teri for hosting such a great episode!!!  I totally loved chatting with you and believe that sharing our stories will help many people know that they are not alone and that there is hope and recovery!!! Mary  Giuliani

Thanks again for a great conversation. You are a wonderful soul! Bob Lancer
The Healing Place podcast goes above and beyond a regular interview style by getting to the heart of the matter. Teri leads it with grace and thoughtfulness, creating a safe place for deep conversations. Sarah Guilfoy
Thank you Teri for all the work you are doing through your podcasts to help educate the community on childhood trauma and resilience. I felt right at home during our recent podcasts and felt blessed to have the opportunity  to be a guest on your show.  You are an amazing woman and it was an honor to get to know you and share our stories as survivor sisters! Together we can do much! Elizabeth Sullivan

I treasured my time talking with Teri on her healing podcast. She is warm, welcoming, and introduces survivors and allies to silence breakers, break-the -cycle parents, and leaders creating trauma-informed change. Cissy White

I really enjoyed being a guest on Teri's podcast. She asked great questions and made me feel welcome on her show. It was a great experience! George Siegal
I have 3 letters to describe the conversation Teri and I had - WOW! Not only does Teri create a safe space for sharing, she leads with her own vulnerability! She has a unique and special gift in the way she lives her life with heart. Leslie Peters RN

My experience in talking with Teri on her podcast was excellent!! She is incredibly easy to talk to and makes it a very enjoyable experience! Kristina Bechtel

Teri’s vision for the Healing Place Podcast is one of hope and healing. Her mission is to help listeners connect with guests on a heart and soul level.
Thank you for considering a Healing Place Podcast interview and I look forward to connecting to determine a date/time that works best. Feel free to call or text me at my cell number listed below.

 Teri Wellbrock

Trauma-Warrior, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Blogger, Therapy Dog Handler



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