Reply to "The Healing Place Podcast Guest Request"

Dr. Gregory Williams posted:


Good Morning!  I would like to have you consider having me as a guest on your podcast.  I have a book being released by HCI Publishing on February 5th, 2019 called, "Shattered by the Darkness:  Putting the Pieces Back Together After Child Abuse". 

Carey Sipp suggested that I reach out to you.  We have become great friends over the past months and are working on a few projects together.  She is an AWESOME AMBASSADOR for ACEs Connection and the entire ACEs platform.

I would also like you to invite you to consider being a guest on my radio program, "Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams" on the America Out Loud Radio Network.  My new radio program is getting ready to be launched sometime in February 2019 also.

Thanks so much, Teri and looking forward to hearing back from you.


I would be honored to have you join me on The Healing Place Podcast! I will send you a private message so we can discuss further and set up a date/time. How exciting about your new radio program! And, yes, I am on board for joining you on-air on your show, as well. Yay!