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Reply to "Trauma and Attachment"

Glenn Ritchie posted:

Hi Robyn,

I saw your post this morning and was curious about daughter Detox? Was wondering how this book relates to aces? 

Looking for answers / info in any place that can help shed light / awareness.

Thank you,


Ultimately and IMHO based on reading/study/life; the development and formations on brains and personality from age 0-4 (memory, attachment etc) and even before birth are the originator or mental models we all endure ergo must have a relation to ACE's (psychologically) goes further into evolutionary legacy but that's another relatable subject

I'm a studier, like to know "why," and not an M.D., obviously but what kind of answer or shed of light are you referring and I can cite where or what I found or have lived, for what its worth. 

Also, and more daunting, what I'm referring to is the collective conscious in society (e.g., mother's should be loving...shame n guilt bias?) and the handed down generational impacts

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