Reply to "Vicarious Trauma/Secondary Trauma/Compassion Fatigue"

Hello Heidi,

Thanks for your thoughtful question. Having produced a film on vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue / secondary trauma, called “PORTRAITS OF PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVERS: Their Passion. Their Pain,” I also spend a good deal of time screening the film and leading workshops on this matter.   

A good deal of information about the subject you’ve raised is addressed in the film which features among other experts,  Drs. Sandra Bloom and Charles Figley. Additional related information along with video shorts can be found on our website website at  I’ve collaborated in the development of a rather extensive bibliography on the subject which I’d be glad to forward to you or anyone else upon your request by email.

My email and phone number are available, if you have additional questions or would like to discuss screenings or workshops on Secondary Trauma/ VT/ CF/ Burnout.

With best wishes,

Vic Compher, MSS, LCSW

Social Worker and Filmmaker



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