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Those of us who are survivors know how difficult it is to disclose our experiences of abuse. We will hear many more accounts as we dismantle the stigma around disclosing that which we were terrified into keeping secret. 

I don't know what this man posted that offended people. I do know there are very few of us who have lived completely impeccable lives with comprehensive lenses of human decency that were higher than the standards of our societies at the time. 

How people handle themselves in the present and future is more important to me than what they said or did in the past. I do not agree with shaming each other under any circumstances. I know this is a controversial viewpoint but I cannot abide by the vilification of individuals for beliefs and behaviours of the past. More importantly I care if they own them and grow beyond them in the present.  

This man lost the opportunity to run for a political nomination. Hopefully we can all learn a little humility from this situation. We never know what another is carrying, and having a higher consciousness than the environment we're embedded in is a very rare quality indeed. 

Forgiveness isn't my thing, but acceptance certainly is. Acceptance of accountability, and the response ability to grow, I can get on board with.  

There's already too much shame in the hearts and minds of humans to impose more. I hope we can come to the point where we can accept our individual and collective fallibility and enfold each other in compassion and help each other grow by educating each other on our diverse perspectives. 

We're living in a time of constantly shifting worldviews. This is our moment, finally. 

I'd rather see us use this opportunity to lift each other up together, rather than tear certain individuals and groups down. 

We all have secrets. Enough with shaming each other when they get exposed. 

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